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GEOFIMA s.r.o.

latex - rubber

Latex - rubber covered by polyamid, polyester for pantyhose and socks application.

number material colour
G 0500-0000 Latex50/PA78f24x1 single-covered rawwhite
G 5000-xxxx Latex50/PA78f18x1 single-covered colours of Borgolon
G 0901-0000 Latex90/PES84F48 double-covered rawwhite
G 0901-2999 Latex90/PES84F48 double-covered black
G 0901-xxxx Latex90/PES84F48 double-covered colours of PES
G 1000-0000 Latex100(PA78/1Flat) double-covered rawwhite
G 1000-2999 Latex100(PA78/1Flat) double-covered black
G 1200-0000 Latex125(PA44f10flat) double-covered rawwhite
G 1200-2999 Latex125(PA44f10flat) double-covered black

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